Should I Try Martha Stewart Marley Spoon?

So, last week I decided that Home Chef would be my Dinner Kit of choice.

However, the choices, especially ones that at least one of my kids will eat, already feel repetitive. Like, each week they are pretty much getting a kind of burger, a kind of steak, and a random third thing they won’t eat. Considering the fact that they don’t eat any of the special sauces/toppings/sides that come with each meal, they are essentially having burgers for one meal and steaks for another meal every week. I could make burgers and steaks every week without needing a meal kit. I do, however, prefer it with the meal kit because then I make the sides and there is at least a wild chance that someone will eat a vegetable.

I’m now wondering if there is another option. Something that would have a bigger variety of kid friendly meals.

Full disclosure: for my kids, the only friendly meals involve a blue box and/or hot dogs.

Still, I’m looking at Marley Spoon. It looks yummy, and has more of what I would consider “borderline” kid foods. Things that are adjacent to foods my kids might eat, so if they are really hungry and tired of PB&J they might give it a try.

It seems to have the same issue as Gobble, however, what with the sauces being pretty rich and therefore being higher calorie than what you would sometimes expect. It’s not as egregious as Gobble, however.

The other drawback to Marley Spoon is it does not have the ability to customize meals. With Home Chef, for example, we are ordering chicken thigh tostadas but are changing out the chicken for steak. With Marley Spoon you don’t have that option.

Hmmmm . . . I might be running double meal kits again.

And really, do I like Home Chef because it’s awesome, or because it’s the first one I tried so it feels “right?”