My Baking Creations

For reasons, I’ve decided to combine many of my baking fails into this one place. Enjoy!

My first documented Pinterest Fail

My happy face pancakes always look like deranged clowns

I worked so hard on these ‘torch’ cupcakes, only to underbake them.  I then went on to overbake everything else, you know, to even things out.

These cupcakes are supposed to look like torches. Also note: they were pretty close to raw inside.

The top right picture shows the ‘succulents’ cupcakes we were trying to master.

Ant Man cake – a stunning likeness of him, I think.

“Loot Llama cake. I actually didn’t think this turned out too poorly.

I tried to crochet a ‘slouchy’ hat

Pigs in a Blankets

Not only did these look weird, they also tasted like sawdust.

I tried to make galaxy shoes, but the marker never smudged/ran, so I just wound up with shoes that were colored with sharpie.

sans cake
Do you know the character Sans from Undertale?  Well, if you don’t you’re gonna have to look him up because you won’t recognize him from this attempt at a Sans birthday cake!

tday pancakes
Thanksgiving pancakes!  They’re turkeys.  The one that looks like a UFO is a cooked turkey on a platter.

D20 (20 sided die) cookies.  Sigh.

Cookie Cat is not supposed to look like a Lovecraftian nightmare

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