What the Crap Does My D&D Character Want to Buy?

There are some drawbacks to starting your first ever Dungeons and Dragons campaign start pretty much the same weekend as your second ever campaign and the same week as your third ever campaign.

One drawback — Awesomeness Overload.  It’s a thing, people.

Another drawback is making the same mistake across all three campaigns.

Case in point:  Shopping.

Apparently in the beginning of a campaign it is super common for the party to go shopping.  In all of my campaigns, I sat and watched/listened as my fellow characters made beelines for items befitting their characters.  Some characters sought out books.  Others perused the herbs. Some sought out incense or gems.

Me?  I checked my inventory.  Short and long range weapons.  Appropriate armor.  Food.  Rope.  It looks like I’m good.

I think I would know a lot more about my characters if I knew what they would shop for.  I may have to visit that question when I’m building a character.

Let me consider my current ladies:

Dreeta, the Tiefling fighter.  She was noble born and is unlikely to be impressed by anything at the local bazaars.  She has armor and weaponry.  Maybe she is always on the lookout for higher quality armor?  Leaning towards understated quality, she is not hunting for flashy jewelry. I feel like she would enjoy alcohol.  Perhaps some high quality spirits.  Perhaps something that will help make her accommodations more comfortable or clean, since adventuring means sleeping in some unsavory conditions.

What else?  I’m at a loss.

48378776_10216265187495232_3850122496472776704_nUkryty, the Dimir Rogue Half-Elf.  She left her home voluntarily after legal troubles and learned how to survive by wits and a loose moral code.  Eventually she was hired by the Dimir as a courier.  What does she want from the shops in town?  She is not a scholar.  Perhaps disguises, items such as thieves, forgery and lockpicking kits?  Are there items that could increase stealth?  What about non-functional items, just as part of her personality?  She has high charisma.  Maybe she carries an assortment of games.  Maybe she collects fake/cheap jewels that she can try to pass as real ones when bargaining.

I also have a hill dwarf druid.  She is probably one that would appreciate books.  She prides herself on her intelligence.  She is older.  What would the books be about?  She has spent much of her life studying, so what topics are left for her to want to learn more about?


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