My (Almost) Second Dungeons & Dragons

A local game store was holding a “one shot” DnD event.  One day for newcomers and old salts to bring level one characters, meet other players, divide into groups, play a short campaign, and go home.

This was PERFECT!  I could get some experience at the game, and perhaps meet some people with whom I could get a casual ongoing gaming experience.  Or not.  The point was for me to get out there and play.

The icing on this cheesecake was that the week before the one-shot, the store was to hold a character generation class.  To ensure the new players felt welcome, this store went above and beyond to hold a clinic for character building.

I went, and was the only student!  Not to be deterred, the young man working at the store gave me a one-on-one tutorial.  I built a lovely Dragonborn Sorceress.


During my lesson, a couple of scruffy older gentlemen showed up and chatted with us a while.  They gave me a good-natured hard time about my Dragonborn, and told war stories about playing in the eighties.  I gave them a hard time about being stuck in yesteryear.  I felt completely at home.  I belonged here.  I was at ease (as at ease as it is possible for me to be in public) talking to these guys.  I hoped I’d see these men at the one-shot day.

I spent the next week preparing.  I read all about Dragonborn and Sorcerers in the player’s handbook.  I printed out spell cards for the spells I selected.  I wrote a list of my equipment for easy access.  I raided my sons’ Legos, carefully selecting a perfect mini figure.  I collected two sets of dice, and a handful of additional six-sided dice.  I assembled these items into a kit, ready to go.  I sent pictures of the kit to everyone I knew.  I was so proud of it.


And I got nervous.  Butterflies in my stomach, goosebumps nervous.  I got a huge pimple on my nose.  I felt like I was going on a blind date.  But it wasn’t with a boy — it was a date with me, to see if this is the me I’m going to become.

The next Saturday arrived.  I dropped the kids off at my folks.  I showed up at Zulu’s Board Game Cafe a full hour early.   I sat in the parking lot texting my brother in law about how excited I was.

Should I go in and get something to eat, or wait here until closer to starting time?  Wait-

Why hasn’t my phone beeped the reminder of this event?

I checked my calendar.  The one shot was on SUNDAY.

How did I make that mistake?  I was so thrilled, so excited, so looking forward to it.  How could I get the day wrong?  I couldn’t go the next day.  I had made plans with the kids.  I didn’t want to bring them along.  So I missed it.  I just missed it.  I would actually use the word ‘crestfallen’ to describe my emotions.

I went and saw a movie.  A Quiet Place.

I have contacted Zulu’s since then, and they are planning another one-shot soon.

Meanwhile, I have learned, through, of a pair of friends who are looking for 3 more players to join a DnD campaign every other Friday.  That is perfect scheduling for me, but of course I have no idea if we will ‘click’ or if I will hate them.  I messaged the guy and he said that a total noob is completely welcome.  It is a bit dice though – since it’s at his house.  I am thinking if this comes together I will ask if we can have the first game at a shop so we can all meet each other.  Is that being too paranoid?  I am a girl, and it seems that meeting someone online and showing up at their house is a good way to wind up dismembered in dumpsters.  Would he/they be offended?  I suppose I will feel it out if it happens.  Last I saw, he wasn’t having luck.

So a swing and a miss, but I’m still on the hunt for a DnD group.

2 thoughts on “My (Almost) Second Dungeons & Dragons

  1. I think in reality, you’re probably safe enough given it’s a group of people and not a one on one session. However, speaking as a DM, moving I’ve session to a game cafe would not be at all an unreasonable thing to do if it makes a new player feel comfortable. It’s a short term change which could bring long term gains if you and the group get on well. Nothing to lose.


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