My Hero

One time Trey thwarted a would-be mugger with sheer Okie attitude.

We were in Las Vegas, and were approached by a scraggly, somewhat frightening looking man. He asked for some cash and when we replied we had none on us, he responded by showing us his knife. He proceeded to ask us if we knew what it was like to have things taken from us.

I was in an all-out girly panic, but Trey just pushed me back out of the way a little, then took two steps TOWARD the mugger. He put his face an inch away from that man’s face, ignoring the knife completely. In a very calm voice but with the deep Oklahoma accent that arose from him when he was angry, Trey said, “Look here, F***er. Here’s what’s about to happen. We’re gonna go this way. You’re gonna go that way. I’m not gonna see your f***ing face again. Got that?”

The guy couldn’t run away fast enough.

He had brought a knife to a Redneck fight.

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