This One Time in New Orleans

This was many years ago. I will say that again. This was many, many years ago. I was driving our Jeep Cherokee, Trey was in the passenger seat. We came up to a stoplight where I needed to get into the other lane, and this other driver was not going to let me. I expressed my negative emotions about this in a loud manner, with disregard to the open windows.
The man in the other car unleashed an incoherent sound of rage, opened his door and launched himself out of his car. Certain he had a gun or something, I proceeded to roll up our windows. Because, you know, Jeep Cherokee windows are bulletproof. I don’t know what I was thinking but I rolled them up.
The man proceeded to stand in front of my car, screaming at me and slamming his hands on my hood.
This man was BIG and SCARY. And LOUD. I was frightened but I was also mad. So I started yelling back at him. There we were, him yelling at me and hitting my car with me yelling at him – but not opening my windows.
Then the light turned green and I thought “Oh good, I guess he’ll get in his car and go now.”
Nope. He just kept slamming his hands on my car and yelling.
So I put my foot on the gas and nudged him out of the way.
This was not over, however, as he got into his car and started to chase.
At the next red light, he pulled up beside me, got out once again (but did not stand in front of me this time) and started yelling, “You want a piece of me?!?”
This is when the light again turned green, so I just gave him the hand and drove off 

This is when Trey started to laugh.

Up until this point, Trey had been a spectator in the incident. He had made no move to calm me down but also did not jump in to offer assistance. I assume he would have if he had felt like I needed it.
Now, however, he started laughing. He thought the whole thing was hilarious.
The man started following us once again, and Trey started giving me directions to lose the guy. I am not a fast driver and traffic was thick so speeding away or any kind of fancy/dangerous weaving around cars was not an option. Trey kept saying “change lanes here. get on the highway. exit here. change lanes again” eventually we lost the guy or he gave up after a while of extremely slow and boring pursuit. I was always a bit curious as to how and when Trey became an expert at evading a pursuer.

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